Contrabando, re-opening in February 2018 at 131 Macquarie St Sydney and Little Hunter St in May 2018, are unique restaurants found in the Sydney CBD, taking their inspiration from the flavours and traditions of the Latino culture of Southern California, with subtle hints from our neighbours in the East.

The food at Contrabando is not Mexican. Or at least it isn't authentic Mexican. Its more of an homage to the latin street vendors in Southern California. With a huge multi-cutlural population, these vendors take the ideals of Mexican cuisine - freshness, spice, rich flavours - and mix them with complimentary flavours and the cooking techniques of Asia. No rules, just fun with flavours. We like to think that our food can be inhaled in one hand with a margarita in the other. 

Why “contrabando”? Well, our original location was subterranean (as is our Little Hunter St location), was hidden in a 80 year old building (123 year old building in Little Hunter St), with no street signage and covered in graffiti, and the food tastes so good it must be illegal! Call it a name that’s more cheeky than it is actually serious, but make no mistake, the food here is very serious, though with a playful cheek that carries from the staff through to the food.

At Contrabando we follow the food trend in Southern California - new style cooking techniques meeting old-school latin american flavours, with a hint of influence from our friends in the east. Match that with Sydney’s best produce, and it’s definitely worth the trip to Macquarie Street or Little Hunter Street, if not for the Crispy Fish Tacos, the Pulled Pork & Kimchi Quesadilla or for the cult like status of our "Truck Stop Guac"